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About Me...

I am a RYT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor who currently teaches vinyasa and restorative/yin style yoga exclusively at Corepower Yoga's Suburban Chicagoland locations.

I joined Corepower Yoga because it afforded me the ability to experience a plethora of instructors at multiple locations; near home, near work, even on out-of state vacations. Each of these instructors had their own unique style and candor; some spoke softly, some powerful, some spiritual, some funny, some played killer music, some more ambient. After becoming a yoga instructor, I came to a revelation; yoga instructors express their own personal practice. This is why a set format such as C1 can seem new and different every time; with unique and new cues that the instructor shares from their personal practice.

My teaching style is upbeat, encouraging with a dab of humor. I strive to connect to every yogi in the room. With a background in the record industry, several decades ago, I do have an eclectic collection of playlists, my favorites being: Alternative, Surf Rock, Indie & yes 80's.

My current Corepower Yoga teaching schedule is:

  • Old Orchard Saturdays 4:30 PM C1
  • Old Orchard Mondays 8:15 PM CoreRestore

My personal experince:
The postures that were once excruciating to acheive...
became the postures that give me the most pleasure...

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